I’m a terrible card player. I have a lot of anxiety about certain kinds of pressure and I’m not good at lying so I’d be an open book at a poker table. Yet somehow I’ve managed become involved with the World Poker Tour and I’m now in charge of executive producing all of the music for their endless amounts of programming hours on Fox Sports.

I had no idea how popular watching people play cards is but apparently I’ve had my head under a rock or something because in recent years it has become one of the fastest growing spectator sports in the world and their shows reach 90 million homes world wide. That’s a lot of content demand!

As a result I’ve been pretty much buried for the last 3 months with the gargantuan task of developing their music library for their new season of programming and replacing all of the music for re-airs of the last season. I think the madness should slow down in a couple of months but right now -yikes!