Mike Turner guest DJ set on Hunnypot Radio

Last week I was invited to come on to the “Hunnypot Radio” show as the guest DJ. It was pretty fun!

If you are unfamiliar, Hunnypot Radio is a live and archived webcast/podcast/videocast show which has been broadcasting about twice per month for the last 10 years or so here in LA. It’s hosted by music industry veterans John Anderson and Jeff “Pesci” Grey and features guest DJ sets and live bands at The Mint night club. It’s a fun (and free) event so folks kinda drift in and out during the live stream.

It’s kind of an all night thing so I just snipped out my section of it to post here rather than the full evening’s worth of audio. I played about a half hour of music that I’ve been digging lately and just kinda shot the shit and had some drinks.

Here’s what I played:

“Waiting For The Heart To Beat” / Lights On
“Rush Hour Soul” / Supergrass
“Nature” / Walla
“Visions Of You” / ROOM8
“Come Alive” / FMLYBND
“Make Our Move” / Le Concorde
“Dreamers” / Scavenger Hunt