A couple of weeks ago I was invited in to the studios of KPCC, Southern California Public Radio in Pasadena to talk about my job. It just aired this morning at 9am but if you missed it I’ve linked to the streaming archive of the show below.

Even though, long ago I was once myself a public radio DJ I have to admit I was pretty nervous about going into the surprisingly sophisticated and palatial KPCC studios to talk about myself on the air. I’ve been interviewed a few times in print before but never quite like this on the radio.

It ended up actually being fun experience and A Martinez was a gracious host and a great interviewer. We probably talked for about 15 or 20 minutes and then they condensed it to the final 7 min that you’ll hear below. For the most part I think they did a decent job of keeping me from sounding like a rambling fool via the magic of editing. However, there was one weird edit when we were talking about The Canyons. They removed the part where I mentioned that the song in the trailer for The Canyons which we were discussing is called “Love French Better” by Montreal band Gold Zebra. As it is now, it kinda sounds like I’m saying that was one of the composer’s cues (Brendan Canning) which it isn’t.

Also, just FYI, I didn’t have anything to do with the trailer for The Canyons -Amine Ramer and I music supervised the film but not the trailer. But, “Love French Better” WAS used in the film as well so that’s cool. In case anyone is wondering what the main “back end cue” in The Canyons trailer is, it’s called “My Other Girl"by Brian Randazzo. That song isn’t used in the film though. That said, I do think it was a great choice for the trailer … whomever made that choice, I’m just saying it wasn’t me. I’m guessing it was someone at IFC.

Anyway, click the image below to hear the interview and even read the transcript if ya like :)