IT'S TRAILER DAY!! (Under The Silver Lake)

It's hard to communicate just how happy I am that this trailer has finally been released.  I've been working on Under The Silver Lake now for well over two years and it is without a doubt the most musically ambitious film I've ever been a part of.  This is a visually gorgeous movie starring Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough and directed by David Robert Mitchell who is most known for his 2015 breakout horror hit "It Follows." It has style for days and shades of Lynch, Hitchcock, The Cohen Brothers and even a little Polanski. It's pretty difficult to concisely sum up what the film is about so I won't try and you can just watch the trailer below but it's basically an LA noir suspense, mystery thriller with enough of a wink to make you chuckle here and there. 

What I WILL say is that music plays a huge roll in the story line of this film. As you'll glean from the trailer it becomes apparent that the age old paranoia of hidden messages in pop music features in a big way around the unfolding mystery.  For this reason, planning for specific music was a big part of the pre-production process on this film before even shooting a frame and then pretty much every step of the way through post.  I licensed nearly 60 music cues in this movie and about 17 songs were performed on camera in some way. 

Under The Silver Lake_official.jpg

Rich Vreeland (Disasterpiece) provided an enormous sounding "golden era" Hollywood score with a giant orchestra recorded at The Bridge Studios in Glendale. It's like a Bernard Herman Hitchcock score with occasional infusions of early 90s video game soundtrack overtones.  I know that's difficult to imagine but you'll get it once you see this movie. 

The film premiers at Cannes and comes out in wide(er) release December 7th and I think it's bound to be an instant cult hit.