Le Cabaret Vert Music Festival (France) licenses classic John Terence Turner image

This post doesn't have anything to do with music supervision but it IS music related and it's something I'm excited about.

In addition to music supervision I also oversee the management of my late father John Terence Turner's photography estate. My dad was a pretty globally recognized photographer in his time shooting major advertising campaigns and creating iconic images for brands like Nike, North Face, Patagonia, K2 Skis, Raleigh, Cummins Engines and Boing just to name a few, as well as for publications like Sports Illustrated and National Geographic.  In the 70s he took some of the most classic ski photos of the era at a time when skiing was a much bigger deal and places like Sun Vally and Aspen were like "winter Hollywood." My dad was also an amazing skier himself and got me into the sport as soon as I was able to walk.  I became a ski racer and the sport of skiing had one of the biggest impacts on my life of anything I can think of apart from music.  

I was delighted to recently receive a request to license one of my dad's classic ski images of the 1970s to a very cool music festival in Charleville-Mézières France called "Le Cabaret Vert" -now in it's 13th year and with a great line-up I might add! 

They wanted to use his iconic image of 70s "hotdogger" and freestyle skiing pioneer Wayne Wong which had initially been an ad campaign for K2 Skis and then ultimately became a sort of ubiquitous bedroom poster among teenagers in the 70s. The skiing style that he developed whereby the skier would ride the tails of the skis with the tips way up in the air became known as "skiing the Wong way" and it became a bit of a craze for a while in the 70s.  After that, Wayne even became a spokes-athlete for Pepsi for a while and was ultimately inducted into both the Canadian and US skiing hall of fame and he's still out there as an advocate for the sport today. 

( original image inset to the right )

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.13.49 AM.png

Anyway, I can't think of a cooler more serendipitous way to merge my childhood growing up skiing with my dad and my current adult life as a music supervisor than having this cool French music festival (with Phoenix headlining no less) using one of my father's more famous photos as the center piece to their marketing campaign. Life is pretty weird like that sometimes.  

The new 2018 Cabaret Vert festival poster is below!

Also, check out this promo video they produced featuring all kinds of wacky-ass 1970s freestyle skiing flair.  Pretty funny stuff! 


Programmation du Cabaret Vert 2018 - Les 19 premiers noms. Rendez-vous du 23 au 26 août 2018. www.cabaretvert.com Réalisation : Schlep & David Meugnot Musique : DJ SNAKE