Trailer release! “Brand: A Second Comming”:

On Thursday premiered the first trailer for the film I spent the better part of last year music supervising. “Brand: A Second Coming” is an intense and hilarious documentary about firebrand comedian and activist Russell Brand, directed by 2 time Sundance winning director Ondi Timoner.  

This film has been in the making for over 8 years, initially conceived of and set in motion by Russell himself along with Oliver Stone, it ended up changing hands a few times before landing with Ondi to complete.  

Russell is plenty entertaining on his own but there are also some incredible appearances by the likes of Mike Tyson, David Lynch, Noel Gallagher, Stephen Merchant, Katy Perry, Oliver Stone and more.

This is my second time music supervising for Ondi and the projects are always as inspiring as they are grueling. I’m really excited for this film to be in wide release in October. Apparently after that it will have it’s TV premier on Showtime.

Also, the soundtrack is great… duh! I’ve got songs in here by Radiohead, Depeche Mode, John Lennon, T. Rex, New Order and a number of great indies.  

The original score for this film was a unique challenge as it was woven together by contributions from 8 different artists/composers rather than just one. Most of the score was composed by Brian Zack Lewis (a regular go-to for me) as well as a fantastic ambient rock group out of Eugene Oregon called This Patch Of Sky who I rather serendipitously stumbled upon early in the process. If you dig artists like Explosions In The Sky you’ll love these guys.