Mike Turner is an award winning music supervisor, music editor and music producer for film, television and advertising. He also serves as creative and development consultant for asset management firm & music publisher, Media Creature Properties (MCP).  Mike is a regular guest speaker/panelist at national and international music industry conferences.

Mike Turner grew up in Seattle and began working in recording studios and playing in bands as a teenager. Since then his professional trajectory in music has led him to major cities all over America working in numerous creative capacities for music publishers, record labels, licensing companies, radio stations, TV networks and production companies. 

Ultimately as a music supervisor, Mike found his niche in Los Angeles where he has remained for the last 9 years. His services have been engaged for films by Judd Apatow, Michael De Luca, Ice T., Bret Easton Ellis, Paul Schrader, Nick Cassavetes and Ondi Timoner as well as commercial spots for Converse, Booking.com, Petco, Estee Lauder, Rise Credit, Microsoft and Acer Computers.

In the world of television, Mike has music supervised series' for CBS, Netflix, MTV Networks, Direct TV, Hulu, Fox Sports and VICELAND/A&E. 

Everyone has an opinion about music, but delivering a soundtrack on budget and on time in a way that not only satisfies the creative demands of the project but also the legal delivery requirements of your distributor (making sure you get paid and not sued) is a skill born of experience and real, actionable industry knowledge, –not just making sweet-ass mixtapes!  

The bottom line is: Mike Turner can get the job done, no foolin'! 

 -Abraham Lincoln. 

What's a "music supervisor" anyway?

The job of a music supervisor involves the possession of a comprehensive knowledge of how music impacts the visual medium. A music supervisor must effectively communicate and coordinate with directors, producers, record labels, music publishers and artist managers/agents to place the perfect musical composition that will express or enhance the emotion of a given scene, as well as secure the rights to to such works within the production budget. Music supervision combines creative, technical and management expertise into all stages of development, pre-production, post-production, delivery and marketing for feature films, television, advertising trailers and new media.