"Iceberg Slim: Portrait Of A Pimp" selected to premier at TIFF!

That’s right folks! This has been quite a year for me, yet another one of the films that I have had the honor of music supervising has been accepted into yet another prestigious film festival. The Toronto International FIlm Festival in recent years has evolved to be arguably one of the top 3 most important acquisition film fests in the world right along with Sundance and Cannes so it is a really big deal to have a movie premier in this fest. The curation process is arduous and the competition is congruently fierce.

Produced by Ice T. and directed by his long time manager Jorge Hinojosa “Iceberg Slim: Portrait of A Pimp” tells the story of the archetypal pimp turned best selling author who single handedly started the ‘blacksploitation"movie genre and brought urban street culture into the artistic spotlight.

I have been working on this film since March and we are in the home stretch now in finalizing the music and mixing the whole thing to make TIFF deadlines. It has been quite an experience to say the least and although it wasn’t always smooth sailing I’m eternally grateful and flattered that Ice and Jorge entrusted me with their soundtrack. This film is packed with a lot of great music. the director’s vision for the soundscape of the film was to create a score out of preexisting instrumental versions of unique and organic hip hop songs and that is what we did! I think it turned out quite well, and If you are a fan of moody minor chords chopped and looped by the likes of DJ Shadow, Cinematic Orchestra and the prolific but elusive CunninLynguists then you will be in for quite a treat!

This movie is going to look and sound great! Click the photo below for an abstract on the movie at the TIFF homepage.