Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene to score The Canyons.

More exciting news on The Canyons front. Amine and I have finalized a deal with Brendan Canning and his manager to score The Canyons. This film is really shaping up to be a unique project. Between the Bret Easton Ellis script, the direction of Paul Schrader and the awesomely weird on screen combo of Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen this movie has been sparking a lot of interest before a single frame had even been shot. Add into the mix Brendan’s renowned musical talents and it seems this movie is destined for some sort of infamy -if not wide commercial success then at the very least cult classic status.

There will be more juicy nuggets on the music front that I will be able to reveal eventually as well but for now I’ll just say that Brendan is going to be lining up some pretty cool guest vocalists to round out his original songs.

Also, look for some rock and roll easter egg cameos in this film -it’s looking like there might be enough of them to make a drinking game out of it. Oh and look for MEEE in it too! Yep! I’m in the movie now too. Well, I’m in it for now anyway -I could always end up on the cutting room floor but I shot for about four hours on the first day of principal photography playing a bored photo assistant on a sleazy photo shoot with Nolan Funk. It’s a team effort this one…

Anyway, click the photo below to read a blurb on the music from